Module 6

Building Your Favorite AR Lens

Hey, Lens Creators!

Welcome to the last module.

Now that you're an expert, you're going to create your own brand new Lens using the design and Lens Studio tools that you have learned so far.

Suggested Workflow


Start by quickly sketching a Lens design on paper.
  1. Brainstorm types of images and features that you want for your Lens.
  2. Brainstorm who your user would be. 
    1. Friends?
    2. Families?
    3. Kids?
  3. Think about the following as you sketch:
    1. Do you want the user’s face to look different?
    2. Do you want to build a custom background?
    3. Do you want to incorporate a 2D character into the Lens?
  4. Think about the kind of template that you would like to use. Remember what we used in the past units:
    1. Unit 1: 2D Objects Lens Template (2D, Beginner)
    2. Unit 2: Face in Picture Lens Template (2D, Beginner)
    3. Unit 3: Segmentation Lens Template (2D Beginning)
    4. Unit 4: Facepaint (2D, Medium) and/or Distort (2D/3D, Beginner)

Extra Credit

Remember to create a preview video of your Lens.