Module 5

Exploring the Lens

Hello, Up-and-Coming Lens Creators!

In this unit, you will build a Lens using the Face in Picture feature. You will also learn to ask for and incorporate feedback gathered by testing your Face in Picture Lens with a Snapchatter.

Step 1: Explore

Open your Snapchat camera and scan these Snapcodes to view Face in Picture and Face in Video Lenses:

Suggested Workflow

Now check out this suggested workflow for creating your own Lens.


  1. Open the Lens Studio software on your computer.
  2. Watch the tutorial with the captions on. 
  3. Watch the tutorial again, but this time, pause at each step and follow along on your own computer.
    1. 00:40 - Import your assets into the objects panel.
    2. 1:15 - Add background images.
    3. 1:55 - Add faces to the first and second images.
  4. Spend a few more minutes finishing up your Lens and trying it directly on your Snapchat!
  5. If you have any questions, try these resources:
  6. Save your progress on your computer.

Extra Credit

Want to take your Lens to the next level? Try adding interactivity.