Module 1

Warm Up

Welcome to the Snap AR Self-Paced Learning Course

You’ve probably seen Lenses on Snapchat before. They’re the augmented reality experiences used to add effects and backgrounds to the photos and videos you take on Snapchat. In this course, you’ll learn how to make your own Lenses and share them with the world. By the end of this course you’ll have Lenses ready to submit to Snap for review! 

Before you begin the course, take this 2-minute survey so we know how to guide your learning experience. 

Step 1

Brainstorm five quick ideas for AR Lenses. You can use the Lens Ideas Worksheet or draw them on paper or your computer. It doesn’t matter if they’re “good” or “bad” ideas — right now the goal is just to generate ideas. If you can think of them, you should draw them!

Step 2

Select your favorite Lens from your five ideas, and draw it in more detail using the Lens Prototype Worksheet.

Step 3

Create a digital version of your Lens idea using an image editing tool that you are already familiar with. Your final product should look as if you took a selfie using your new Lens.

Suggested Workflow

Learn About Design Software

If you are familiar with design software, you may skip this step. If you are new to design, welcome! We suggest you check out Figma or Canva, which are free apps.

Extra Credit

Want to know more about Lens studio, how to use it, and how to bring 2D art to AR?
Check out this video series.

What's Next?