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Snap Augmented Reality

Snap AR enables creators around the world to revolutionize the way we create, explore, and play.


Lens Creators

Join our growing community of over 330,000 Lens Creators & Developers who are building
millions of AR Lenses.2

3.5 Million


More than 3.5 million Lenses have been created with Lens Studio, available across Snapchat, Snap Camera, Spectacles, and Camera Kit.4

9 Trillion

Lens Views

Lenses built in Lens Studio have been viewed more than 9 trillion times on Snapchat and in mobile apps powered by Camera Kit.7

Design and Develop

Bring your idea to life with our suite of Lens development, management, and analytic tools.

Lens Studio

Lens Studio is a powerful, best-in-class desktop application designed for artists and developers to build augmented reality experiences.

Lens Web Builder

Lens Web Builder enables brands and agencies to create branded AR experiences through our templates with no coding experience required.

My Lenses

My Lenses is a web management tool that organizes, searches, and analyzes Lenses published in Lens Studio — all from your browser.

Lens Analytics

Lens Analytics uses anonymous and aggregated data to bring rich detailed insights into Lens engagement, beyond view counts and shares — all while protecting the privacy of our community.

Engage and Grow

Snap offers programs and partnerships that help you learn, innovate, and grow as you build your augmented reality business.

Snap Lens Network

With a verified Snapchat profile, find paid opportunities to work with brands and companies, receive funding to pursue experimental projects, and gain access to our most advanced AR tools before they become publicly available.

Creator Marketplace

The Creator Marketplace provides opportunities for top Lens Creators, Developers, and Partners by allowing brands and agencies to search for top talent within Snap’s AR ecosystem.


Snap's AR Innovation Lab provides grants to support AR exploration and product development across many industry verticals, including education, navigation & accessibility, gaming, health & wellness, fashion & retail, manufacturing, and more.

Build The Next Generation of AR

Lenses are Snap’s augmented reality experiences, with which over 250M Snapchatters engage every day.1 They sense, enhance, and transform the world around us — but we’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible!

Utility Lenses

Build AR experiences that solve problems.

Learn more about our world with the power of Utility Lenses. These AR experiences inform and enrich — helping you do things like translate languages, take spatial measurements, and scan real-world objects.


Spectacles are wearable AR glasses that allow Snapchatters to experience AR in a new, totally immersive dimension. Publish directly from Lens Studio to Spectacles in minutes to quickly test and iterate on Lenses.

Camera Kit

Camera Kit allows developers to bring the power of Snap AR into their own products, creating unique augmented reality experiences in their apps.

Join The Community

Get updates from Snap AR including creator tools, tutorials, meetups, events, and more — all for free!

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